You know, you go to an event with certain expectations — fine enough expectations to have, since they always drop the balloons, and once you get there you can see the balloons right there on the ceiling, poised to be dropped — and then YOU’RE the crazy person when you actually express your excitement for your expectations to be met? It’s not like you CREATED the idea of a balloon drop! It’s not like you called ahead and asked, like, “Hey could you get a bunch of balloons and the drop them on the band or whatever, I want to see some damn balloons drop and now it’s your problem.” These assholes — EXCUSE me — these guys put the idea in your head, got you super amped about it, and now what? They’re not going to do the balloon drop until later? Are you god damn kidding me? DROP THE BALLOONS! DROP THE BALLOOOOOOONS! DROOOOOP THEEEE BAAAAAALLOOOOOOOONS! (Via Abroath.)