This Video Will Make You Feel Simultaneously Wonderful And Horrible

The holidays are over, and yet they still seem to be the only thing anyone wants to talk about, probably because at this point there is almost nothing else to talk about and what else are you going to do? NOT TALK? “Remember when we were allowed to wake up later than normal and eat a wonderful breakfast and laze the day away with people we love?” “Remember when we saw Les Miserable in the middle of a weekday and judged anyone around us who didn’t seem to be crying?” “Remember how we got a new cellphone and didn’t even have a work alarm set up until last night?” I’m not introducing the post this way because I’m about to talk about anything other then the holidays, I’m just saying LET’S RIDE THIS THING OUT AS LONG AS WE CAN! With that said, this video of a father receiving tickets to a football game (an important one, I’m guessing) (like if someone got you tickets to see the Dinosaur Jr. You’re Living All Over Me 20th anniversary show that already happened) (or, like, when Batman came out and you wanted to see it at midnight?) (I do think we can all understand the concept of an important sports game even if we don’t particularly like sports, I’m just trying to put off getting to the video because it makes me feel kind of terrible, but also wonderful) (like I already said) IS SO SWEET. Oh my goodness. You are just going to love this video of this sweet dad getting these tickets, but also it will make you feel so bad for not getting anyone a gift that made them so happy ever in your life.

My favorite thing about this video is how he was already so happy just to get that hat. Look inside the hat, dad! You sweet thing! YOU DESERVE ALL THE FOOTBALL GAMES YOU WANT! I WISH WE ALL COULD HAVE GIVEN SOMEONE A GIFT THAT MADE THEM CRY! I FEEL LIKE GARBAGE! (Via SmokingSection.)