The Details Of Kate Winslet’s Life Are Real And Also Normal

Over the holidays, while everyone was busy enjoying some well-deserved time with their friends and family, Kate Winslet was also being a normal human being just doing the things that human beings definitely do. It almost feels silly to talk about it since every single detail is so mundane. What’s next, a blog post about different types of cardboard? We already know all the types, thanks! Tell us something we don’t know about cardboard! (The joke is that there’s no such thing as something we don’t know about cardboard.) But just in case you love subtle character studies of an average woman, and/or being reminded that we are all just regular people living in a world of other people and that we all share the indelible commonalities of life on this earth, here are some of the details from Kate Winslet’s holiday break:

See what I mean? I could have pretty much been describing anyone’s holiday break. But it’s nice in 2013 to be reminded that celebrities are just like us: they put their spacesuits on one Ned RocknRoll at a time.