What’s Your New Year’s Television Resolution?

Well? I’m not sure what else you want me to say — you saw the headline to the post, now ANSWER THE QUESTION! Just kidding! My new year’s resolution is to never stop joking around and sharing a few laughs with pals, because life is too short, and jokes are too funny, but you always have to admit that you were kidding at the end of the jokes, because how else will anyone know that you were JK? But to take a break and be serious for a min.: What is your New Year’s television resolution, the series you are going to watch and catch up with or finish by the end of 2013? I don’t know about you, but over the holiday there were numerous occasions on which I was unable to participate in the pop culture conversation going on around me because I had no knowledge of the television show my friends or family were talking about. And I hate not being able to participate! I HAVE OPINIONS, TOO! OR AT LEAST I WOULD, IF I HAD EVER FELT LIKE WATCHING GAME OF THRONES! LET ME SPEEEEEEAK!! So that is at the top of my my New Year’s television resolution list: Game of Thrones. After that it’s The Sopranos and The Wire, and the list may or may not be heavily influenced by the fact that I recently acquired an HBO GO password. What about yours? Are you going to catch up with Breaking Bad so you can participate in the thrill of the final season? (You should!) Are you going to watch Justified since Gabe seems to like it so much? Are you going to finally catch up with Parenthood now that all the past seasons are available on Netflix Instant? You gonna watch all the Dr. Whos? What series do you think should be on ALL of our New Year’s television resolution lists? Nashville? Let’s talk about it.