The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

DID ANYONE GET A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS? I know they say that giving a puppy as a Christmas gift is not a good move for whatever reasons, like it’ll make your kid too happy or fill everyone’s hearts with too much joy or whatever, but that does not change the fact that opening a gift and finding a puppy in it would be the best, second only to walking into a room full of balloons and finding your surprise birthday party inside. I did not get a puppy for Christmas and couldn’t have one anyway because my apartment doesn’t allow it and also I have so many wires and garbage on the floor, and what if the puppy ate it all and died? That would be a nightmare! I don’t even want to think about it, so please stop asking me. If you also did not get a puppy for Christmas: Don’t worry! There are still many, many videos on the Internet to console you, however meagerly. So let’s get to them now, before we’re too sad! HURRY!

10. Boy V. Lion


8. Cat Wants Rug

7. Puppy Snow Adventure

6. Kitten Escape

5. Mouse Buys A Treat

4. Puppy’s First Christmas

3. Pug Hops Up Stairs

2. Dad Is So Excited About His New Puppy

1. Happy New Year Dog

To be fair, “Happy New Year Dog” is only number one because it is the most timely. I feel bad for taking away its glory IMMEDIATELY, but this is 2013, and we can no longer lie to ourselves or to the animal videos we’re honoring. I still love you, though, “Happy New Year Dog”! And I love you, dad who got a puppy and is so happy about it! You are almost as sweet as the dad who got those football tickets! I almost didn’t watch the “pug hops up stairs” video because I thought it was a video I already had seen, but boy oh boy GOOD THING I FINALLY WATCHED IT ANYWAY! What a wonderful, perfect-length video that is basically just a great GIF. “Puppy’s First Christmas” is just crazy adorable, and “Mouse Buys A Treat” is a delight. Congratulations to our first winners of 2013. You deserve it! AND CONGRATS TO US!