Favorite GIFs Of 2012

We have to admit, because it’s Christmas (kind of), and Christmas is when you tell the truth (or whatever) — you guys are much better at GIFs, and much more knowledgable of GIFs, than we could ever hope to be. While we can sort through the memorable GIFs of this past year, because we spend our lives on the Internet and have a fine enough handle of what goes on here, what we’re really searching for is what you guys have most frequently brought to our attention, and what you’ve made the MOST memorable animated GIFs of our year. So please, let this be a space where you can add what you believe to be your own Favorite or Most Memorable GIFs of the year 2012. If a GIF dances in the woods and a commenter on Videogum doesn’t love it, does it even dance? Does its text come up in time? Does anyone remember its relevance? No. Well, either no or yes. Either way, let’s remember together the animated GIFs that made our 2012 go ’round. Please. Let’s please just get to these GIFs!

Aaron Paul On The Price Is Right!
Anderson Cooper Giggles!
Chandler Dances!
Lindsay Lohan Is So Bored!
Money Maker Mike!
Alexis Bledel Makes A Heart In The Window!
Barack Obama All The Single Ladies Dance!
Parks And Recreation!
Lana Del Rey Dances!
Mckayla Is Not Impressed!
Fat Betty Draper!
Space Jump!
Breaking Bad Discovery!
John Travolta “Smiles”!