Trust Fall FAIL

During the hectic holiday season, where everything is heightened and celebratory and we lose ourselves in egg nog and shopping and whatever other indulgences we tell ourselves we “deserve” after another long, difficult year–and on the day the Mayans half-predicted would be the end of the world by simply running out of room on their ROCK CALENDAR that outlasted them by LIKE A BILLION (seriously with this Mayan stuff, imagine people talking about anything else the Mayans said as if it were true? “This is how we have to brush our teeth now because the Mayans wrote it on a banana leaf with pig blood. Get real, dopes) but so amidst all of these things going on, it’s nice to be reminded, even momentarily, that the world simply keeps plugging along and when all the dust settles it’s going to be right where you left it. On the ground. You jerks. (Via Tastefully Offensive.)