Making Sherwood Slightly Less Boring

There’s going to be a new show on your TVs, blah, blah, it sounds dumb but also maybe we are just not the target audience, blah. Want to hear about it? It’s going to be on the CW, the same network that Gossip Girl was on! Remember Gossip Girl?! Remember how it ended? Remember who “Gossip Girl” turned out to be and how dumb it was, though also remember how it was the only main character that would have “made sense,” really? Want to just talk about Gossip Girl some more all day and forever? No? This, then? Ok. From The Hollywood Reporter:

The youth-skewing network is developing Sherwood, an hourlong period drama with a female slant, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Sherwood, which has received a script commitment at the network, is set in 1072 England and revolves around a young noblewoman who sets out to free her serf boyfriend, who has been wrongfully imprisoned by ruthless Norman occupiers. Seeing help from the vanished Robin of Locksley, she inadvertently reunites — and joins — the fabled Robin Hood and his Merry Men, inspiring new hope for the oppressed people of Nottingham.

ZzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. What a snoozer! You lost me at “set in 1072″ and then as I was walking away you continued to lose me with every new sentence! Now I don’t even have any idea where I am! Because we’re all here hanging out with nothing better to do, how about we think of a few ways to spice this thing up? Here are my ways: There is a gossip blog that reports on all of the wealthy people of Nottingham. Who runs it? Who knows! But interest in the blog starts to pick up once it starts reporting the news that Robin Hood and his Merry Men reunited. Where has Robin of Locksley been all this time? Will demons from his past come out to hurt him at the worst possible times? Will the female character find romance? We’ll just have to watch and find out. XOXO, Sherwood Noblewoman.