How Was Everyone’s Year This Year?

Well, I guess this is it. OK, that’s a bit dramatic. But it’s that time of year for egg nog self-reflection (and also egg nog). How was 2012 for you? Did you have a Channing Tatum year that blew away all of your expectations and made you feel like the surprise king of the world and who even saw that coming but that’s great congratulations? Or did you have a Taylor Kitsch year where you started off full of hope and promise only to kind of wither on the vine and make you second guess everything that you thought you knew? Of course, a year is a long time and you might have had a little bit of both. A little bit of grinding the floor into dust here, and being in fucking Battleship there. One day you blow everyone’s minds and win a Peabody award, the next day you are shouting “BARSUM!” and everyone is like, uhhhh, dude? Either way, guess what: next year is a whole new year. (You read Videogum because we tell you things you didn’t know.) One year’s Channing Tatum is next year’s Taylor Kitsch, and vice versa. Don’t even sweat it! But how was it? You can be honest. My year, for example, was a little bit of both! (Clever girl.) I feel like if I really had to categorize it, I actually had more of a Richard Jenkins year, just putting in the work, showing up on time, some days being better than others, with the hope that in retrospect the whole thing will prove to have been Channing Tatum in the end, although you can never shake the fear that it’s just been Taylor Kitsch all along. (This metaphor works, and is great, and is clear and concise and NOT super-confusing.)

You? Which one was it? Show your work.