Celebrating The Holidays As Much As Possible

Some might take a look at this video for Funeraria Lopez, a funeral home in Guatemala, and say: “Listen, maybe there are some things I don’t understand going on here. For one, I don’t speak the language, so that’s a whole big thing that I don’t understand and could certainly lead to a lot of smaller misunderstandings. I admit that freely. But from what I can tell this is a video advertising a funeral home with a man dressed up as Santa Claus and then a few women dressed up at sexy Santas or Mrs. Clauses or something along those lines, and at one point one of the women is in a casket and the camera moves up her body in a sexy way, as if trying to show how sexy your relative is going to be when they are the one lying in this casket, especially if you dress them up as sexy Mrs. Claus. And I want to say that I think this is wonderful. So much opportunity is wasted in funeral home advertising, as the commercials general stick to somber, respectful themes. They’re all generally so same-y. It’s just really nice to see someone stepping outside of the box (so to speak), especially around the holidays. I, for one, think we should all be celebrating the holidays as much as possible, and that INCLUDES in our advertising for funeral homes. So what, you know? Just one person’s opinion.” But then also some might take a look at it and just be like, “Whaaaat?”

Whaaaat? (Via Dlisted.)