The Eagle Snatching Baby Video Debate Of 2012

Sometime last night, mostly through the help of Twitter, this video of an eagle allegedly snatching a baby in Montreal went “viral.” “Will we ever be able to take our delicious babies into eagle parks ever again?” people wondered. “Oh no, did the eagle find another dinner?” But, as always with everything that is ever on the Internet, there were immediately cries of “FAKE” and “NOT A REAL EAGLE” and “BABY OK, EVERYTHING GOING TO BE OK.” And, as it turns out, that is because it is actually fake, and already proven to be? But NO MATTER! Who cares. Nobody is going to ruin this ongoing debate for us, just because we were asleep for the good part of it. So: WHAT DO YOU THINK? Real or fake? Are the people in charge or parks and/or eagles spreading the rumor that it is fake because they don’t want to hurt park visitation or future eagle meals? Or is is fake, like it is? PLZ VOTE, THIS IS IMPORTANT, AND THEN GET MORE COFFEE! THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG DAY!

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