The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Ah, the final Petting Zoo of the year 2012. A day to remember, for sure. “What was your favorite day in 2012?” a friend might ask you at a party this week or next week. “Well, I’m not sure,” you’ll respond with a smile, “But I can tell you what the most bittersweet moment of 2012 was.” “Oh, what?” they’ll say, a little annoyed that you aren’t going to answer their original question, especially since they don’t care at all about the question you’re going to answer in its place. You’ll respond, “The day Kelly posted the final Petting Zoo animal video countdown of 2012 on Videogum. It’s like, I know there are going to be a million more Petting Zoos in the year 2013, but it’s hard to FEEL like there are. You know? It’s just a weird feeling, knowing that the last one of 2012 has already been posted.” “What?” your friend will ask. “Petting Zoo.” you’ll respond. And your friend, so tired of you at this point, will either change the topic of conversation or go talk to someone else. What a wonderful holiday treat. LET’S GET TO THESE VIDEOOOOOS!

10. Man And Goat Share Corn

9. Parrot Sees A Squirrel

8. Older Cat And Little Kitten

7. Balancing Puppy

6. Cat Hates Christmas

5. Baby Gibbon Has A Shower

4. Polite Cat Would Like Your Attention

3. Christmas Dog Loves Empty Bottles

2. Puppy Is So Hungry

1. Dog Adopts Tiger Cubs

It’s been a wonderful year. Thank you, animals. Thank you, humans. Congratulations to us — every one.