Tom Cruise Has The Right Idea About Hotels

Say what you want about Tom Cruise — “His face is crooked in a way that is completely mindblowing but also you’d never notice if it weren’t for that line,” “He’s shorter than he looks in movies and at awards shows, or so I hear,” “His personal life seems incredibly odd, but what do I know, and also it seems like maybe Suri is better off with Katie as her primary caregiver, but to be honest I wish I didn’t know anything about it, and maybe I don’t, and I wish you hadn’t asked,” but one thing we all know for sure is that he is a goooooood actor! And also he has the right idea about hotels, from I’m Not Obsessed:

Tom Cruise may spend a lot of time living out of hotels as he travels the world to film movies, but that doesn’t bother him. As a matter of fact, he “loves” it. Lee Child, the author of the ‘Jack Reacher‘ novels, shared this about the star:

“I’m riding down in the lift with Tom Cruise from his high-floor suite to the hotel restaurant. He’s booked in for four sold months. It’s a nice hotel but still, I ask him if he’s OK with it. Does he like living in hotels?”


‘I love it’, he says, and I can tell me means it.”

Hahah. “Love it, goodbye!” Tom says, stepping off of the elevator as it paused between floors. “But wait, Tom! NOOOO!” cries out Lee Child, the author of the Jack Reacher novels, but he is too late, as Tom has already fallen into the elevator shaft. “It’s ok, I love it here!” Tom calls back, falling, falling. But a final thump is never heard. “What?”

Tom is right about that, though. Hotels are the best. “I love it” too, and I can tell that I mean it. The showers are nice and the beds are comfortable and it’s not like he can’t ever go back to one of his homes if he wanted to. “Bring the champlane around, I forgot something at home.” – Tom Cruise, any time he wants. And he calls it a champlane because it’s a plane full of champagne. And the seats are so comfortable. TOM CRUISE’S LIFE IS PROBABLY SO NICE!