The Gossip Girl Series Finale Videogum Video Pizza Party

After six seasons, it’s time to say goodbye to all of our good friends, all of our worst enemies, all of our sex partners, and all of our non-blood relatives, which as it turns out are all the same people, who make up the cast of television’s best Upper East Side teen drama: Gossip Girl. Although we knew the end would have to come someday, it doesn’t make looking into the deep abyss that is life without Gossip Girl any easier. What will the world look like tomorrow, once we know whether or not Blair and Chuck will finally be able to be together forever now that Bart Bass is dead for the second time and the terms of their success pact can be met? Will the air feel a bit heavier once we know whether or not Lily will get back with ex-husband Rufus now that Ivy — Lily’s fake niece but REAL heir to Lily’s mother’s fortune — is no longer fake-dating him but is actually real-dating (or so she thinks) Lily’s other ex-husband/Serena’s father, William? Will our body lift itself from slumber tomorrow morning if Serena doesn’t end up with Dan, who most recently aimed to gain her respect by publishing an a scathing exposé about her in Vanity Fair? Will nate go to jail for statutory rape and also the thing with the money? Will a masquerade be involved? Will Georgina fall into a stormdrain in Queens and find Vanessa there? WHO IS GOSSIP GIRL?!?! We will soon find out the answers to all of these questions and more during the two hour (TWO HOUR!) series finale of our beloved terrible garbage series. Let’s hang out here together and watch it unfold, since all of our IRL friends stopped watching it, like, a million seasons ago. This will be a night to remember for sure!


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