Making Pillow Bin Planking Hot In 2013

Why isn’t this stupid thing an Internet trend yet? Just because “planking” itself has already come and gone? Whatever. I can’t pick what Internet trends are destined to go “viral,” but I CAN pick what Internet trends deserve to go viral, and sticking your body into a bin of pillows is one of them. Let’s all go pillow plank now! Pillow plank into the deepest bin of pillows you can find, close your eyes, and let yourself drift away. “I wonder how much time I’ve been pillow planking?” you’ll wonder, as all feeling in your limbs starts to melt away. “Oh, what does it matter.” And you’ll pillow plank and pillow plank until you’re not even cognizant of the fact that you’re pillow planking anymore. “Life is good,” you’ll think — comparing your current state only to a weak, distant feeling of what you’d known in the past. “Life is good.” (Via SayOMG.)