The Homeland Season 2 Finale Open Thread

Look, I love Homeland. It’s great! Does Carrie cry an awful lot even just for a civilian much less a top-ranked CIA analyst at the very heart of the US intelligence community’s most desperate mission? Yes, but this is TV not HBO. Does the show spend too much time talking about Chris Stevens’s athletics schedule as if a teenager’s suggested karate practice is a worthwhile substitute for an actual character? Sure, but who cares about Chris, he’s useless. Dana for days. But it’s a great show, lots of fun, very tense and exciting, strong acting, topical, all of that, and I’m worried that it’s the new The Killing. The second season was pretty scattershot. Oh, there were very good episodes. The interrogation episode? That was a good episode! But I was always a little hard-pressed to swallow that a middle eastern terrorist organization in the vein of Al Qaeda had a SWAT TEAM embedded in the United States that was capable of surprising and wiping out an entire team of armed CIA officers. And I do not remember the part in real life when Osama Bin Laden SINGLE-HANDEDLY kidnapped a CIA analyst and held her captive in a Metallica video. I’m just saying, there were some problems this year. And that brings us to the finale, which, again, same thing. Were there parts that were interesting and/or exciting? Yes! There were! Do I have any idea what we are supposed to be anticipating in season 3? Not really! Are we really supposed to wonder whether or not Carrie will be able to clear Brody’s name so that they can fuck with abandon at a cabin in the woods? Are we really supposed to be nervous that he has ruined his relationship with his children who already hate and/or distrust him and/or are Chris who we have already pointed out is worthless? Considering the season 1 finale in which Carrie had an important breakthrough memory about Brody’s ties to Abu Nazir right before getting electroshock therapy, there is no way to think of the season 2 finale as anything other than a disappointment. “Oooh! I hope Saul’s wife has some ideas for how to renovate the townhouse with his new salary!” Nah. “Oooh! I hope Finn comes back as a ghost that only Dana can see and they start dating again!” Nope. I don’t know, guys. I just don’t know. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Homeland season 3 writers during this difficult time.