Winter Danger Warning In Effect

It seems like just yesterday when we all gathered together to talk about the dangers of wintertime in 2011/2012, but it was not yesterday. It was an entire year ago. An entire year of our lives has passed us by, and yet I don’t believe that we, as humans, have come any closer to understanding the danger that winter weather imposes on our lives. Do we still see ice and have the idea that running and sliding on it will be fun? Do we still go skiing, or snowboarding? Do we still go outside without our coats on because we’re just running to the store on the corner, but then it’s a lot colder than we anticipated but we’re already out the door so we might as well just keep going at this point? Do we still go on our roofs to shovel off the snow — which, in theory, is a GOOD idea for winter safety, as snow is heavy and could bring down any roof at any time — but then not think about how the snow is going to react? Apparently we do. And, you guys, it is NOT SAFE!

Please be careful out there in your winter wonderlands. I know this particular instance of winter danger looked fun because the man was laughing at the end and not crying, but remember: You would’ve been crying. You cry about everything, and this looked pretty scary! BE SAFE. THINK TWICE. DON’T BE DUMB ABOUT GETTING THE SNOW OFF OF YOUR ROOF. STAY OFF THE ICE.