Cutest Stuff Of 2012

One sad thing we just discovered — to introduce our Cutest Stuff list of 2012 appropriately, letting you know about a “sad” thing we just discovered — “sad” meaning just about the farthest thing from actual sad there is on the emotional spectrum — you’ll see — is that “monkey bath” (the video of the monkey getting the bath) was NOT a video that we featured in 2012, and because of that is obviously not eligible for our Cutest Stuff of 2012 list, and was actually featured in our 2011 “Favorite Animal Videos” list. Can you believe it?! Time flies! Life is what happens when you’re busy watching monkeys take baths over a year ago. With that said, though, 2012 was a year JAM-PACKED with cute stuff. Cute stuff is great because unless you’re a miserable jerk who purports that babies aren’t cute, or that animal videos are boring, or whatever, cute stuff is something that we can ALL agree on. “For sure we have different opinions about, say, criminal background checks for anyone looking to buy a gun, but isn’t this video of a baby falling asleep eating a banana cute?” “Yes, I agree with you about the video and I remember that we are both humans and all we can do is the best we can. Let’s have fun while we’re both here on Earth. I love you.” SEE? They bring everyone together. LET’S GET 2 THIS LIST, HUH?! (And please let us know what we missed!) (Cute picture via Shutterstock.)

Baby Highchair Dance

Monkey Hug

Toughen Up, You Are Almost 3

Penguin Slips And Falls On Ice

Baby Leo Fights Sleep

Young Ryan Gosling

Puppy Listens To Guitar

Sleepy Love

Kids Trying Ice Cream For The First Time

Mini-Pig Walks Down The Steps