Questions For Jennifer Aniston’s New Wax Statue

  • Do you know if they’re going to make a Justin Theroux statue soon? Do you want them to? Are you lonely? Do you think they’re going to put him in a leather jacket, if they do make a wax Justin Theroux? Is it going to be a real leather jacket or a wax leather jacket? At wax museums, are the clothes wax or just the bodies? Your dress looks real.
  • Do you think wax Angelina thinks you came to Madame Tussaud’s alone because you still miss wax Brad Pitt? (Is that way you came to Madame Tussaud’s alone?)
  • I’m so sorry, but I have to ask: Do you have any news on the Friends movie reunion? Has a script been written, at least?
  • Your body — the legs especially — looks incredibly lifelike, but your face does not. Not really, at least. The mouth looks a bit high on the face. Are you mad that your face is so shiny? Do you think it looks like a healthy glow or do you think it looks a little too oily? I’m on the fence but I’m leaning towards a little too oily.
  • Will you always be in front of a Christmas tree?
  • Do you know where wax Brad is right now?
  • Oh my god, girl, that was a trick question you shouldn’t know where he is! You just got here! (Full-size wax statue photo after the jump.) (Via TheSuperficial.)