How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was everyone’s day today? Probably better than Ryan Gosling’s, judging by his sweater choices. I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but apparently Ryan Gosling, pictured here wearing a brown sweater, has worn that brown sweater at other times as well. Is this a cry for help?! Reports JustJared, “The 32-year-old actor has received some flack recently for wearing the very same sweater numerous times within just a few days.” I BET HE HAS! Maaaaaaajor flack. And all of it much deserved. JustJared goes on to report that Gosling wore this sweater on a Wednesday, the following Monday, and also on a Friday one time. I’m surprised he hasn’t been RUINED by this yet, but clearly he’s ALMOST RUINED by it, if we use JustJared blog posts as the arbiter of how things are going. If Ryan Gosling was president he probably would have been impeached by now. Right? I know a lot about politics and how they work. If only it was legal to murder people! Obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with the the friends and family of Ryan Gosling during this difficult time, and we want them to know that we are all pulling for them and holding them in their prayers, asking Jesus Christ that Ryan Gosling gets whatever help he so desperately needs.

Guys, this is why it’s always important to be grateful for what you have. There but for the grace of God goes your sweater. So, how are you doing today, though? Probably pretty good now that you’ve put things back in perspective, right?!