The Gummy Awards: Your Favorite TV Shows Of 2012

Put on a party hat, sit on the floor, and hold out your solo cup while I come around with the bottle of sparkling wine, because the results of the 2012 Gummy Awards have arrived! Over the next few days we’ll be announcing your choices for the year’s best television, movies, and viral videos, beginning today with your choices for TV. The most wonderful time of the year. A lot of your opinions held up from last year’s television Gummy Awards — over half of them, actually. That’s good! At the very least it is consistent. Congratulations to all of our favorites, whom we will stand by forever or at least until they are replaced by shows like Homeland — which some of us still have not seen, though we do understand that sometimes you guys get very upset with it on Twitter — and that is all you can ask for in a viewing and voting audience. Because television is so jam-packed with very good stuff lately, too much for anyone to consume entirely, its possible that you won’t see your personal favorites on this list. But as always, please remember that their exclusion doesn’t mean that they aren’t good. It just means that they aren’t winners and that almost everyone hates them and that you’re wrong for liking them. Just please keep that in mind. And with that said, let’s see who won this thing!

10. Girls

9. American Horror Story

8. Louie

7. Community

6. The Walking Dead

5. Game Of Thrones

4. Mad Men

3. Homeland

2. Parks and Recreation

1. Breaking Bad

And here is the list in text only:

10 Girls
09 American Horror Story
08 Louie
07 Community
06 The Walking Dead
05 Game Of Thrones
04 Mad Men
03 Homeland
02 Parks & Recreation
01 Breaking Bad

Congratulations to 2011 and 2012 Gummys winner Breaking Bad! YOU DESERVE IT! Ugh, you are so good, Breaking Bad, I don’t even care how big of a head you’re going to get from winning The Gummys two years in a row. Do you think you can win next year, too? Probably, right? Congratulations to all of our other winners, as well. Parks and Recreation only keeps getting better. It’s nice to see Homeland finally win something. Lena Dunham, as well, is probably going to be excited that Girls is getting some recognition. So, congrats! Good job, TV! You’re great! See us back here next week for more exciting Gummy Awards results!