The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Ahh, we’ve finally gotten well enough into the season that we’re seeing a lot of GREAT holiday animal videos. There are a few on this list, and there are bound to be a few more in the next installment, which will be the final installment of Petting Zoo of the year 2012!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can hardly even believe it. It feels like 2012 just started and here we are now, celebrating so many birthdays because apparently 80% of our friends are born in December, having so much anxiety about not having bought any gifts yet, and wishing that it would snow just one GD time instead of rain. Time flies. You know what else flies? Birds. There aren’t any birds on the list this time, but they are certainly an animal and they are certainly included on the list sometimes, and there ARE a whole bunch of dogs to see after the jump, so let’s get to those videos!

10. Cat Sleeping On Computer

9. Beagle Plays With Ornaments

8. Cat Helps With Spanish Lesson

7. Beaver Waves Back

6. Jack Russell Takes Baby For A Ride

5. Puppies Play In The Snow

4. Man Shares Banana With Dog

3. Kangaroo And Dog Are In Love

2. English Bulldog Tries To Walk

1. Penguin Slips And Falls On Ice

THOSE PENGUINS! Are those noises real? I don’t want to know if they’re not, so please don’t tell me. I will believe that they are. English Bulldog is another extraordinary display of cute noises and a cute face, and talk about cute faces — LOOK AT THAT KANGAROO AND DOG KISSING! The best. Man sharing banana with dog is a great routine, and finally puppies playing in this snow is just an obvious seasonal treat. Congratulations to all of our winners, and most of all to all of ourselves.


WHOA! An honorable mention?! The surprises never stop at Videogum’s “Petting Zoo”! I included “Igby Dances” as an honorable mention because I know Igby personally which, I believe, disqualifies him from making it into the actual countdown, but it would be criminal to run the Petting Zoo list without acknowledging one of the best animal videos to hit the ‘net this week. So. Congrats, Igby. May your star continue to rise.