Congratulations To Rob Kardashian On The Launch Of His Sock Line!!!!!!!!!

As you know, Videogum is a huge supporter of the Kardashian family (Except for Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Those two Nightmare Monsters need to be locked in a dark library for a couple of hundred years. And yes, I know they are basically just children, and it is not our policy to make fun of children, but we are not making fun of them! They really would benefit from some quiet, solitude, and education!). They are American royalty and their show is so funny. Seriously, will you put down your NPR tote bag for two seconds and watch a couple episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians please? The museum of art will still be open when you’re finished. Don’t you want to know who hurt Bruce’s feelings over a styrofoam container of take out this week?! Anyway, one of the most important plot points during last season was whether or not the girls’ younger brother, Rob, would get his sock line ready in time. (In time for what is never clear.) Well, I don’t know if it was done in time but it is nevertheless done, it is called Arthur George, which is a pretty dope name for a bunch of socks, and it is now available for purchase at Neiman Marcus. CONGRATS, ROB! WHAT A TREMENDOUS WEIGHT MUST FEEL LIFTED FROM YOUR SHOULDERS! YOU LAUNCHED YOUR SOCK LINE BABY BRO! What do you think about socks? What would you call your sock line if your name was Rob? Please share your thoughts in the comments!