Merry Christmas From Mario Lopez

It’s the holidays. You know, I know it, Mario Lopez knows it. Courtney Stodden definitely knows it, wherever she is. One look outside my window to the beautiful Brooklyn wintertime scene — 60 degrees, grey, raining on and off, the constant piercing music of various neighbors’ car alarms — confirms that it is indeed the time for hanging stockings by the chimney, drinking hot chocolate and eggnog with loved ones, and trimming the tree in your tiny underpants while your daughter stands below, at what cannot possibly be a very good angle for a daughter to stand, and your wife takes a photo and then puts it on Twitter, only to have it land on a million blogs because at one point you were AC Slater and now you host a gossip TV show and apparently your wedding is going to be aired on TLC soon, because that is always a classy move that bodes well for the relationship in general, and also it is Christmas, and also gmail was down for a few minutes today and everyone has gone totally nuts because of it. So, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Mario Lopez. May we all one day be able to put the star on our Christmas tree surrounded by gifts in our beautiful home surrounded by our loving family while in our tiny, red underwear. May we all have a wonderful day even though gmail is being a bit spotty. May we all rest in peace. (Full-size Mario Lopez underwear tree photo after the jump.) (Via ONTD.)