That’s Your Coffin: CataCombo Sound System MP3 Coffin

There are many different belief systems concerning death: that you go to an afterlife based on how nice you were, that you are reincarnated as a bumblebee or a princess based on how nice you were, or that there is nothing after death and therefore we should be nice while we are alive. Very few of them in either the East or the West deal with how the dead should listen to their mp3 collections: UNTIL NOW. Let’s just set aside how this coffin will be obsolete within two years of the burial, and how it is very unclear who is going to maintain these playlists and/or the technical glitches when the system inevitably crashes, and do you have to download the new iTunes that gets released every two weeks because that is annoying to have to maintain even when you are alive? But I’m sure all of these tech issues have been thought through so that when you purchase a CataCombo Hi-Def Sound System MP3 Super-Coffin there is nothing keeping your cold, dead ears from hearing the sweet, sweet tunes of KNOCKIN’ ON HEAVEN’S DOOR! (Besides, you know, being dead.) What a cool song to play into someone’s coffin! That definitely doesn’t make this seem like way more of a joke than it already seems but is also somehow maybe real, I can’t tell, this website is not funny enough to be a good joke. You know what would be a good joke, though? Doing this but to someone’s coffin. Namely your coffin.(Thanks for the tip, George.)