X-Treme Power Vs. Horrid Henry

Today we have not one but two VERY DOPE jamz from some very talented children. On the one hand, you have X-Treme Power, an entire band of children, possibly related, giving out some pretty chill advice on respecting and obeying authority. It’s an important message to send to the children. Not just that they should be polite and have a good moral core, but that they should literally acquiesce to the merest hint of authority. And wear matching clothes from the discount rack at Target. On the other hand, you have Horrid Henry. He’s so horrid! This little bad ass raps about being TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. It is literally the exact opposite, but still very important message to deliver to children, which is fuck school, be a piece of shit, you are royalty, adults should be washing YOUR sports car on the castle lawn, you little king. It’s hard to decide which is the more important message. They are both great messages. Delivered with great songs. By great artists. BUT WE MUST CHOOSE ONE, SUCH IS THE WAY OF OUR WORLD. I did not make the rules, but I will enforce them. So, which will it be? X-Treme Power or Horrid Henry? The tale of the tape!

X-Treme Power “Respect and Obey Authority” (via @el-p)


Horrid Henry “Too Cool for School” (via Amil Niazi)

See? Pretty tough decision. NOW I KNOW HOW SOPHIE FELT WHEN SHE HAD TO DECIDE WHICH OF HER TWO CHILDREN TO SEND INTO THE NAZI’S GAS CHAMBER! (That was her famous choice, by the way, and I did not spoil it because you should have read that book when it came out, in 1979, it’s really great. By the way, most of the novel takes place at a bar in Brooklyn, did you you even know that? Do you know anything?!) Love Sophie’s Choice jokes because no one ever makes them. The hidden gem of jokes. Just fucking pick already, please.

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The nice thing, though, is that with these two songs, and these two videos, EVERYONE WINS, and that’s fresh. #John420 #fuckhomework #RIPkrispykreme.