Ugh, Jurassic Prank!

Listen, I can totally understand the idea to make something just because you thought of the name and you’re like, “That’s a great name, we gotta do something with that name, we cannot let this name go to waste!” Like, “‘Donuts & Bolts’ — there is NO WAY we shouldn’t start a donut store/hardware store hybrid and call it Donuts & Bolts.” “I thought of the perfect name for a band — The Band Saws. It’s a band full of guys who just play the saw, or whatever. Haven’t thought it through yet. Practice on Monday.” I get the desire. “It’s Reigning Men — a show on NBC about whether or not celebrities are related to kings.” But just because you thought of a good name for a thing DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THAT THING! You still get credit for the name! You don’t have to sneak up on people with a dinosaur costume just because you thought of “Jurassic Prank” and you didn’t want to let that gem go to waste! It isn’t a good prank! No pranks are good pranks! STOP IT WITH THE PRANKS!

Literally just scaring people. “BOO!” Haha, you dummies, but you didn’t know something was about to pop out at you and scare you! Hahaha. What a bunch of fools. Next time you won’t be so sure that something isn’t about to pop out at you when a stranger stops you on your way to LIVING YOUR LIFE and asks you to help him with something. Ugh. UGH, JURASSIC PRANK!