This Week In Comedy Open Thread

I watched a lot of shows this week. The end. They were good, the end. You should be watching New Girl THE END. Haha. That was a really funny bit, but I do have to say more things! Bob’s Burgers “Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks,” featuring Bob Odenkirk as the blackmailing insurance agent, was really great! The opening scene in which Tina had to drive the car and kept making the noise she makes was L.O.L. funny, maybe my favorite Bob’s Burgers scene OF THE SEASON? Strong words. Great episode. Pretty much every show this week had guest stars, and The New Girl’s guest star was Olivia Munn. She was very pretty and not even terrible! This episode was not one of my favorites because, honestly, I felt too much anxiety about Jess and Winston having to deal with Schmidt’s ruined suits and about Schmidt having to deal with his Cece issue to enjoy any of it. The comedy that came out of the Jess/Winston/Bathtub plot was just not worth the amount of pain I had to go through to watch them sort it out. JUST GET THE SUITS CLEANED! Overall not a great episode. Oh well. C’est la vie. I watched Ben & Kate, a show I don’t normally watch, and it was totally fine! I definitely see why someone would watch that show, and maybe even sometimes that someone will be me, but this episode didn’t really grab me. And Kate, good luck finding anyone that’s going to deal with your grown up brother calling to you from his bed at night and including himself in your getaways. That shit is weird, you should’ve met your handsome, wealthy, nice boyfriend halfway! You goof! (Let’s continue this after the jump.) I also watched The Mindy Project this week, featuring the Duplass brothers, and it kind of only made me upset. I do not like that show very much! I don’t find the Mindy character very funny or charming and all of the other characters feel like empty shells. In this episode specifically I didn’t like how lazy the conflict was between the midwives and OB/GYNs. The speech that Mindy gave to win her patients back basically just explained to them that there could possibly be a complication during their pregnancy, in which case they may need medicine? Did they not know that? Why does Mindy Kaling hate midwives so much? Do not like. I hope you find joy in it, though! While The Office was good, and I’m loving the New Jim and Erin plot + who can dislike a holiday episode, Parks and Recreation seemed like the clear winner of NBC Thursday night. (Let’s set aside the fact that Parks and Recreation is almost always the clear winner of NBC Thursday night.) I loved how the idea of Ron Swanson’s new girlfriend having a problem with Leslie’s close relationship with him was handled. Loved Gerry’s family. Loved when Andy said the thing about sushi. Loved all of it. Great show. And then, finally, thank god, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was also great. This season has been fairly Charlie-heavy, which I think would be a mistake if they kept the Charlie character simple, but watching Charlie Day “act” in such a big, awful way is just never not wonderful and hilarious. Loved it. Good shows. TV rules. What did you guys think?!