Kyle Chandler Refuses To Give Straight Answer About Friday Night Lights Movie

Over the past year or so, fans of Friday Night Lights have been getting hints here and there — first from Peter Berg, then from Connie Britton — about a possible film continuation of the beloved TV series. Like any news of a possible film continuation of a beloved TV series, anything said about it has been covered in a dense fog of iffy nothingness. “We’re working on a script and people seem very excited about it and we’re hoping we can get everyone’s schedules together,” basically. U know the deal. So far Kyle Chandler has been a hold out, not yet letting the public know how HE feels about the possibility of a FNL movie, and it looks like he’s still refusing to give a straight answer! Check out this bit of an interview with MTV via Uproxx:

I have no interest in a Friday Night Lights movie. It ended at exactly the right time, and exactly the right way.

SO WHAT IS IT, KYLE CHANDLER?!?! Do you want to do the movie that everyone wants you to do or not? Sheesh, it’s like these actors never want to give their fans a straight answer about anything they desperately want! I’ll never understand it. Let’s just hope people keep asking him about it until the movie definitely gets made, because this iffy nothingness is a bunch of bull. #FNLmove2014?