You CAN Have Everything You Want!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have everything you want. If someone tries to tell you that you can’t have everything you want you go ahead and tell them this: “I refuse to hear that. The next thing I’m going to say has nothing at all to do with what you said, because as I already stated I did not hear it, but just because I want to say this I’m going to say it. I can have everything I want. I’m young. I have access to a computer and the Internet and clean drinking water. I know how to argue with Time Warner when they tell me they don’t know what’s wrong with the Internet and can’t fix it. ‘Don’t know what’s wrong with the internet?’ I tell them, ‘Ok, then I guess I won’t pay for it until you do know what’s wrong.’ Got ‘em there. You see? There is nothing stopping me from getting everything that I want.” You may not be the most beautiful or the best dressed, but, says who? You may not be the smartest, but literally who cares? You may not have the most money, but you’ll figure it out! The fact of the matter is only that you can have everything you want, as evidenced by this video.

I don’t know. You wanted this, right? An RV Boat? I’m almost positive that this is what you wanted. So. Congrats! You can have everything you want! (Via DailyPicks.)