Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Recognize the young lady in this school picture? Celebrities during adolescence: they were just like us! -MattWilstein
  • Tim Heidecker’s ‘Rolling Stone Keynote Address’ at last night’s LA Food Bank Benefit: “WE STILL BELIEVE IN PRINT. WE STILL BELIEVE IN PRINT.” -TimHeidecker
  • Jamie Foxx & Jason Sudeikis are up to all sorts of holiday hijinx on this week’s SNL promo. -NBC
  • Look at this f*cking DeLorean Taxi Cab. -/Film.
  • ’10 Film Flops Headlined By Doomed Couples’ is so tragically meta. If only they had known! -AV Club
  • Channing Tatum is planning to take a break from acting in 2013. Dang, and just when everyone realized that he’s actually pretty good. -People
  • Luckily, ‘A Definitive Gallery of Tributes to The Shining’ is not as scary as the actual Shining. Phew! -FilmDrunk
  • Last night, Ke$ha talked to Conan about going “to the bonezone with a ghost.” More like the ghost-bone zone, am I right?? #ghostsexjokes -BuzzFeed
  • This mashup entitled ‘Zach Morris Sells His Friendship Bracelets on Shark Tank’ is your semi-regular reminder that there’s just nothing like a home-woven handicraft from that special someone. -HyperVocal
  • Watch as one young wrestler allows another young wrestler with Cerebral Palsy to prevail in their Middle School wrestling match. brb, there’s something in both of my eyes. -TheWeek
  • Liam McEneaney’s TELL YOUR FRIENDS! THE CONCERT FILM! was released yesterday, so here’s a very funny clip of Kurt and Kristen from the film (entitled “Our Day Jobs”) for your afternoon enjoyment.