The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I’m not sure how you feel about the length of animal videos, but as far I am concerned — generally speaking, this might not be true about videos of like a monkey in a hot spring or an abnormally cute kitten rolling around, but in general — the shorter the better. A five second clip of a cat falling off of a dresser? YES PLEASE. Ten seconds of an elephant waving with its trunk? Love it. A dog making a happy face and then quickly changing it to a sad face? Give me a break. This week’s animal video list includes a good amount of these sorts of short videos, so I hope you feel the same way I do about them. If not: TOUGH COOKIES! You’ll have to defer to some other blog’s weekly list of animal videos because this week you are gonna be BUMMED OUT. For the rest of you: Let’s get to it! Animal videoooooooos!

10. Crocodile Wink

9. Squirrel Feeding

8. Baby Poodle With Alpacas

7. Fox Snack

6. Sleepy Kittens

5. Baby Elephant Gets a Bigger Bathtub

4. Benny the Pomeranian Loves Baths

3. Husky Imitates Baby

2. Adorable Panda Moment

1. Monkey Love

AHHHHHH BABY MONKEY LOVE! I hadn’t seen this video until recently, but the night before Thanksgiving a found a GIF from this video and immediately sent it to everybody because it was the best GIF I had ever seen in my life. The video does not disappoint. Love it. So good. Give me a break with how good it is and how much I love it. Pandas sliding down slides will always be cute, let’s not kid ourselves. The husky and the baby interacting is great because it makes you think about what babies think about dogs when they first meet them. What do they think? “Oh, right, it’s a dog”? “What monster is this?” WHAT DO THEY THINK? And of course the fourth and fifth spot go to animals taking baths, no doy. CONGRATS TO ALL OUR WINNERS AND TO US!