Fall Jam 2012: Lexy And Stephany’s “This Feels Like Love”

In a world full of Ryan Roxes — kids out there making high-budget music videos with money from who knows where, promoting unhealthy lifestyles, living out their half-baked fantasies — it’s refreshing to catch a glimpse of two gals just doing what they love to do with what their local mall or possibly local photography studio has got. When you have a classic tune with an on-point message you don’t NEED all the theatrics. All you need is a blue screen, some words to float across that blue screen, maybe the serene image of an ocean, a dash of fun, and sure, a few new outfits. Thanks Lexy and Stephany for bringing us back down to Earth, once again. I sincerely hope that you have a good day at school today. Mondays are the worst!!!!!