This Week In Comedy Open Thread

[Ed Note: Rather than focus only on the Thursday night comedy block, we’re going to open up the conversation (and the GIFversation) to all of the wonderful comedies you guys are watching throughout the week — The Mindy Project, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Daniel Tosh Comedy Rock Block, whatever. You get it. Plz join in!]

So, I guess let’s begin with last night and work our way backwards. CHRIS GETHARD, EVERYBODY! He was wonderful, what a treat. If only someone wanted to hire a hitman every week. New Jim is becoming increasingly Old Jim, which is odd, as if they’re prepping to keep The Office on for another 100 years so they could keep writing the Pam and Jim story lines everyone loved from the first few seasons. (Which we would all reluctantly watch until we were dead, obviously.) Parks and Recreation was kind of a snoozer, surprisingly. I liked the Andy/April story line, but the rest of them — the new park and Rent-A-Swag — didn’t really hold my attention. It’s possible that that note times up with when I grabbed my phone from the other room where it had been charging, BUT STILL. Perhaps my least fave episode of the (very good) season. 30 Rock was noooooooooooooooot good, unfortunately. The idea of Tracy being depressed with his long-life diagnosis is great, but all of the wedding stuff was not so much. It seemed as if the episode was hastily thought out in the same way their idea to get married was hastily thought out, except without the happy ending. THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! RUINED! JK. We’re all fine, 30 Rock’s fine. I’m sure you guys probably loved it, what do I know. It’s Always Sunny and The League were both enjoyable. Love whenever It’s Always Sunny features a homemade commercial. The best. The New Girl is one of my favorite shows on TV these days, which is still a bit of a hard sell to some, but trust me, and Tuesday’s episode “Eggs” was very good. I’m enjoying watching the slow set-up of Cece and Schmidt’s future relationship. I enjoyed the scene in Sadie’s office that was just like that scene from Friends where Monica explains to Chandler (or maybe Joey?) how to please a woman. (“SEVEN. SEVEN. SEVEN.”) Good over all. Good show. Luv it. And today the only other show I want to point out from this week (because I’ve already said so much, but feel free to talk about all the other ones!) is Sunday night’s Bob’s Burgers, “The Deepening.” It was very good. You guys watching this show? Ever heard of it? Bob’s Burgers? It was a great Tina episode that you could’ve possibly missed if you were live-tweeting Liz & Dick. “You had me at horse, but lost me at horse skeletons.” A+. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF COMEDY ON TV?