Cool Daddy Rap For All The Daddies Out There

Are you a daddy but you have no idea how to be a daddy, like Kelsey Grammer? Are you out there thinking, “Man, I became a daddy thinking that I was going to be a-ok at it, like, I don’t know, I always grew up watching daddies on TV and I was like, ‘I could do that, probably, when I reach daddy age,’ but now that I’m AT daddy age and I have a child of my own and I just have no idea what to do with the thing! Do I feed it? If so, how often? How do I treat the mommy — good or not so good? Or does it not matter? Does the kid need to sleep and, if so, when? Daytime or nighttime? Does it need naps? How did the baby get made? I mean — I don’t mean specifically, I don’t need to know all the Doctor details or whatever, but I just mean…What happened?” If that string of questions sounds like you: HAVE NO FEAR! This gentleman has created a simple, easy-to-remember rap that will answer all your pressing daddy-related questions. Please enjoy!

So good. I love it. Every mommy should be so lucky to have a daddy so scared about getting into household chore related arguments. Love this daddy! (Also I promise I will never say “daddy” again!) (Via ViralViral.)