This Week In GIFs!

What a week! Liz & Dick premiered, Mary Miller premiered, one night my radiator went crazy and I couldn’t sleep because my tiny room was 400 degrees and the radiator was clanging super loud and I couldn’t turn it off because the knob was too hot and kind of unreachable, Gabe and I chatted about how buff Daniel Craig is, and we decided to talk about all the sitcoms on TV rather than just the ones on Thursday night! PHEW! What a week, again! Let’s all relive it — all but the nightmare personal story — today in GIF form.

Liz & Dick aired and there was nothing to say about it!

Videogum welcomed MARRY MILLER!

Aaron Paul tweeted something!

Ben Affleck is the “Entertainer of the Year”!

Keanu continues to take silly pictures!

We decided that Daniel Craig is NOT to buff to be James Bond!

And, finally, we talked about this week’s sitcoms!