This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

There are actually too many trailers this week. It’s kind of annoying. I love a bunch of trailers as much as the next guy, but at a certain point you are like, enough with all the trailers! Haha, some weeks there aren’t enough! That’s just the way life goes, I guess. Oh well. Good luck!

I Give It A Year

Can we please just officially create a ban on “bad wedding toast” scenes in movies? I’m choking on bad wedding toast scenes at this point. They’re rarely that funny, and they always take me out of the narrative because the only way to do them at this point is to go bigger and more outrageous. Other than that, this looks great. Seriously. I love a romantic comedy and everyone in this is good. Bye! Oh wait, no, not bye, more trailers:


Whatever. Sure. (Yes, yes, Omar! Shane! I know.) It’s fine. I don’t know. Who cares. The thing that I actually want to say is that at a certain point we’re all going to have to man up and be adults and admit that The Rock is kind of good in movies. This kid has got something!

Parental Guidance

Nooooooooooooo comment! (Actually, though, the part where the kids laugh at his terrible dad joke made me laugh really hard.)

Jack The Giant Slayer

This stuff is not cool to me. These big, CGI-filled retellings of old fairy tales and stuff? I don’t know, maybe I’m weird, but I don’t think it’s cool or interesting and it does not fill me with excitement. Next trailer, please.



Black Rock

Hahhahahahahah AHHHHHHHH. I mean, not haha. At all. The opposite of haha. But also: “Screenplay by Mark Duplass. Directed by Kate Aselton.” It’s basically an episode of The League starring The Puffy Red Chair, if u think about it.

Dark Skies

“Should we include the ‘epic game of Modern Warfare’ line in the trailer?” “Bro! Do you even have to ask?!” [Trailer Editor Fist Bump]

The Baytown Outlaws

Sons of Anarchy: Full Throttle.


Jean Dujardin AND Buddy Garity in a thriller? Uh, yeah. Yes. Did I stutter motherfucker? Yes!

This American Life: “The Invisible Made Visible”

Mostly this trailer is just weird because this event was not THAT long ago and since then David Rakoff has died and Tig Notaro has become mega-famous for all of the sad things that happened to her. Bummertown. (Not that Tig is famous, she should be famous, but also she was always funny and I do think it’s annoying that she needed the “hook” of cancer to get the recognition she already deserved. But Rakoff is just a heartbreaker straight up.) It just goes to show you, you really never know what the future holds!

Love Is All You Need

Lotta accents in this movie. At first I thought it was just the Norwegian accent and Pierce Brosnan’s vague patrician accent, but then what is up with his son? Was he raised by a museum? Not to mention that we didn’t even hear any Italian accents in the trailer but you know there’s got to be some Italian accents. Got to.

Bad Kids Go To Hell

If you set aside the difficult to swallow premise that any school in the world in 2012, much less an elite private school with uniforms, would lock its students in a room and leave them there overnight, and ignore the hackiness of seances and Indian burial grounds, it is admittedly hard to even tell what you would have left, but at that point this movie seems…fine? What is it, though? What is this movie though for real?