Who Is Television’s Handsomest Dad?

LISTEN. Listen. Sometimes there are questions that, although they are difficult and maybe you don’t even want to hear the answer, need to be asked. And sometimes there are questions that 100% do not have to be asked, and are so stupid, just the dumbest, but have the potential to spark some interesting conversation about which dad on a current television show is the handsomest one. It up to you to decide which kind of question this question is. I was watching Parenthood on Tuesday night, obviously, as were you I assume, and there was a scene in which Adam (Peter Krause) brought his son Max a book in order to try to convince him to go to his school’s dance (because his mom has spoiler alert and might spoiler alert before the next one) (why am I explaining this to you, though? you watch this show & love every second) and he said, “I have a book for you about World War II fighter pilots you have not read.” And at that moment I thought, “Peter Krause is FOR SURE television’s best and most handsome dad.” He has always been one of television’s most handsome psychopaths, but his role of Adam on Parenthood is both handsome in his heart and on his face. Do you agree? If not: Why? Is it because you aren’t watching Parenthood? If so: What’s the deal? You dumb? Or is it because you think Coach Friday Night Lights is television’s most handsome dad? Or do you prefer Bob Belcher? Or Tim Allen? Or is there a dad out there that I’m not even considering? Let’s please discuss this topic and let’s please not point out how this topic is weird at best and completely pointless at worst because I’m not sure we all want to waste our time discussing something that is incorrect. So, who is it? Adam from Parenthood, or what?