Let’s Think About Children In Afghanistan For, Like, Two Seconds

I was just flipping through my RSS feed a minute ago and by all accounts today is another typical day on the Internet, each one bleeding relentlessly into the next. A cat’s butt made an appearance on a Spanish weather report. Here is a photo of Christina Hendricks as a teenager. The Office star Rainn Wilson made a parody video about the whole Angus T. Jones thing. Seems about right. Seems like what you would expect. It’s all so buzzy! WWW the World Wide Web! And then I came across a trailer for a documentary called Skateistan, an outreach program in Afghanistan that teaches the children of that war-torn country (girls included) how to skateboard. In truth, this is also pretty “Internet Friendly.” Thinking about people in Afghanistan is kind of a hard sell when you could just look at a video of a caterpillar walking in circles. At the very least, if you want the NETIZENS of 2012 to pay attention, you’ve got to have a hook. In this particular instance, the fact that millions of children all around the world are living in abject poverty in the midst of unspeakable human horrors is obvsies not enough. (Sidenote: there was an NPR piece about children in Mexico living among the bloodshed of narco-trafficking that was a real fucking nightmare. But what do you think of the iPhone 5? Is it too light? Did you prefer the weight of the iPhone 4S in your hand and also isn’t it so annoying that they changed the docking port?!? UGH!!!!!) It’s worth pointing out (or probably it isn’t) that I am just like everyone else. You think I want to think about this stuff? It is a bummer! Let’s watch New Girl on the DVR! But this Skateistan stuff does look pretty nice. These kids are having fun out there, and over 40% of the participants are young girls who have largely been denied any opportunity for engagement in their society. So let’s just take, like, two fucking seconds and think about these kids. We don’t even have to watch the whole documentary, but can you just watch the goddamned trailer? I’m sorry that I’m swearing at you so much! Life is overwhelming sometimes when you think about it!

I really don’t think you guys took this post seriously enough. It’s important! We need to work just a little bit harder! I am pushing you on this so that you in turn will push me. I mean, don’t push me to the point of actually having to get out of bed, or contribute to the betterment of the world, right? Haha! Haha? No, no, let’s just watch this trailer and then remind ourselves that we have it pretty nice that we should not take that for granted and then let’s go back to the part where we can’t decide what to eat for lunch and we are mildly annoyed that our shipment from Amazon took a day longer than they estimated in the confirmation email. LOLOLOL. (Via HyperVocal.)