Duh Aficionado Magazine: Two And A Half Men Is A Garbage Show

Does it even matter why someone from the cast of Two and a Half Men (in this case Angus T. Jones, the half-man) would come out to say that Two and a Half Men is filth that no one should be watching? Those guys should know that better than any of us! They are very intimately acquainted with how terrible that show is! The only consolation they have for so many years spent making a garbage television show is the fact that billions of people will forever eat it up and that they are making more money than any of us could ever even imagine in our wildest money dreams and will continue to do so as long as the show remains in syndication, which will certainly be long after they have moved on to other projects. A small consolation, sure, but at least it’s something. It just so happens that in this particular case, Angus T. Jones is saying it because he recently joined the Forerunner Christian Church, whatever that is. From Deadline:

On Two And A Half Men, Angus T. Jones’ character was always looking up to his uncle, played by Charlie Sheen. Now Jones is emulating Sheen in real life with a tirade bashing the racy sitcom. “If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men,” the religious teenager says in a testimonial for Forerunner Christian Church. “I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it, and filling your head with filth…. If I am doing any harm, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be contributing to the enemy’s plan … You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that. I know I can’t. I’m not OK with what I’m learning, what the bible says and being on that television show.”

OK? I mean, you are still going to keep all of the money, right? And you aren’t quitting your job? Cool. “Just to be clear, God, I DID make a YouTube video once about how I didn’t want to be on the show if I was doing any harm. If. Pretty sure I lawyered the shit out of that one, 1 for Heaven plz.” I think even FANS of Two and a Half Men would agree that they enjoy the show because of how soothing the brain-rot feels, so, what gives? What gives, Angus T. Jones? What do you want? Guilt-free millions? No one gets guilt-free millions, I don’t think! I don’t know what the deal with your new church is and it’s probably a somewhat sad deal so I don’t even want to find out, but, uh, yes, you are right, Two and a Half Men is awful. No one should watch it. But lots of people do and will continue to until the world ends, hopefully in about one month. Let’s all get right with God and throw our TVs and computers out the window and take a long, long nap. Here is the video of him talking about all of this, which I have not watched and will not watch:

Ok! I hope you are happy and OK, Angus T. Jones! Don’t let anyone hurt you! Don’t hurt anyone else, other than by being on Two and a Half Men! Be careful! Stay safe!