Trotify Makes Your Bike Sound Like An Asshole

Oh brother. Guys, I love to have fun and I love Rube Goldberg devices and I enjoyed the movie Amelie even if it took a very emotionally empty look at Love As Special Effect. But not everything needs to have a clever twist, does it? Does it?! Lenny Kravitz, put down that RIDICULOUS iPhone and answer my question! Is riding a bike, one of the funnest things you can do, no longer enough? We have to put a bird on a bike ride now? Is all of this, our entire existence, just a dull and meaningless trudge towards death unless someone outside of ourselves points at us on the street and says “what is that?” If you make your kamboucha and nobody is there to barter for it with Edison bulbs, raw mollasses chewing gum, and rare “wormwood” seeds, did you even make your own kamboucha at all? Probably. Oh well. (Via TheDailyWhat. Buy Trotify here.)