The Jack Nicholson Joker Origin Game

Have you ever wondered what the origin of Jack Nicholson’s casting and representation of the Joker in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie was? No? You just figured it was a normal thing, and, like, Jack Nicholson was just an actor and probably was cast following the same narrative that most well-known actors are cast in film roles? Well, you are wrong! Kind of! There is a little more to the story than what you think, at least! From Art Info:

In 1980, while scheming a silver screen pitch for bringing the grittier version of the “Batman” to Hollywood, [Michael] Uslan came across a promotional image of Nicholson’s character from “The Shining” in the New York Post, in his iconic pose: eyes bulging, and head bursting through the door frame yelling “Here’s Johnny!” Uslan painted over the image with whiteout and transformed Nicholson’s furious features into that of the clownish villain.

WHITE OUT! Thank you Michael Nesmith’s mom for allowing Batman producer Michael Uslan to come across this wonderful Joker discovery. That piece of newsprint is soon going up for auction, if any of you would like to own this little slice of movie trivia history, but for the rest of us: DO YOU ALSO WANT TO COLOR ON THIS PICTURE OF JACK NICHOLSON?

Jack Nicholson as Taylor Momson:

Jack Nicholson as Steve Buscemi eyes meme:

Jack Nicholson as More Sand:

AND NOW IT IS YOUR TURN! Please play this fun game with me, who even knows what producers have access to and are looking for Jack’s next big break! (Via BlameItOn.)