Everyone Saw A Movie This Past Weekend, Did You?

There are few things more boring than talking about box office revenues, but there are also few things more fun (“fun” not meaning “fun” for real, but “fun” like “casual Friday” type “fun”) than talking about the movie you saw over the weekend once you get into the office on Monday, so here we are! At “the office”! Chatting! It seems like pretty much everybody saw a movie over the Thanksgiving holiday, look at this, from Deadline:

What is there to say other than this 5-day Thanksgiving Holiday was a monster at the weekend box office. Best of all, audiences came out in droves for an overwhelming majority of original films as well as popular sequels. Hollywood today is giving thanks this is now the biggest-ever moviegoing T-Day holiday: $288M for the 5 days of domestic box office, smashing 2009′s record of $258.6M. It also beat the previous all-time 5-day moviegoing record set in 2009 of $270.5M.

“The biggest-ever moviegoing T-Day holiday”?! IN OUR LIFETIMES? That is something we can certainly all give thanks for. Who would’ve guessed we’d all be alive at the moment when more money was spent at the movies over the Thanksgiving holiday than ever — even more people than in 2009. But, so, were you one of them? What movie did you see? I saw Lincoln on Friday afternoon and the theater was packed, just like Deadline said. It was good! Daniel Day Lewis was wonderful, even though seeing the parts from the trailer only made me think of when Jimmy Fallon overdubbed the trailer in a Pee-Wee Herman voice and also the person behind me seemed very sick and was coughing on top of me the entire time. My review blurb for Lincoln is this: “Not nearly as boring as you’d expect, very long and it does seem like it but you won’t really mind too much, see it if you have any desire to.” Did you see it? Did you see Twilight? What is your review blurb? LET’S CHAT! (Movie dog image via Shutterstock.)