You Just Have To Deal With This Adorable Baby

Listen, I know not everyone is going to be completely into this video of the happiest baby on Earth nearly falling asleep and then waking up over and over, and I know that is because many of your hearts turned to stone long ago, and that is only if you were not originally born with a stone heart, but this is one of the times in life when I just have to go with my gut. Post the baby video first thing in the morning on the last day of work before a four-day holiday, to hell with what anyone thinks! THIS VIDEO IS GREAT! Show it to your coworkers. “Aw, this was already a great day because of how I’m looking forward to the holiday, but now it’s even better! Thank you!” they’ll say. “I know, right?!” you’ll respond. “This Thanksgiving I’m grateful for YOU!” they’ll say. “Ah, well — hah, thanks,” you’ll say. “No, seriously,” they’ll say, “I’m really, really grateful for you.” “Oh–” “No. Seriously.” (Via BuzzFeed.)