The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

THANKSGIVING ANIMAL VIDEO COUNTDOOOOOOOOWN! Did you think just because we were about to leave for our Thanksgiving holiday weekend that we weren’t going to provide you with another perfect installment of our top 10 animal video countdown, The Petting Zoo? Puh-leeze. “Pass the Puh-leeze, please.” “Oh, certainly, I already have quite enough.” That’s you both times! NAH, DOGS! AND CATS! Unfortunately, though, there are 0 Thanksgiving themed animal videos in this countdown. Hahaha. Sorry. I do understand that from what I’ve said so far, and also from the picture I used, that you might be under the impression there were some Thanksgiving themed animal videos to come. Nope! Just normal ones. So sorry. But there is a perfect baby red panda video waiting for you, as well as one of an elephant doing something with its butt! Lots to be thankful for this week. Let’s get to it.

10. Pickpocketing Ferret

9. Just A Cute Kitten Doing This

8. Elephant Wipes Butt

7. Yoga Cat

6. Kitten And Corgi Puppy Are Friends

5. Baby Seal Climbs Stairs

4. Pug Breathing

3. Baby Lion Takes A Bath

2. Baby Chinchillas Fall Asleep In A Slipper

1. Surprised Baby Red Panda

SURPRISED BABY RED PANDAAAAAAAAA! Ahhh! You are so scared! Someone should check on you to make sure you’re all right, but assuming that you are, YOU ARE ADORABLE! Although BRP is number one on today’s countdown, let’s take this week to appreciate ALL of the animal videos we have been given this year. Thank you, animals, for being so funny on tape. Thank you, animal owners, for knowing when to STFU sometimes. Thank you, Internet, for providing us this forum. Congratulations to us all.