Technology Will Someday Make A Fool Of Us All

At this point in our bright, beautiful youth, the opportunities to laugh at those who are older and somewhat “out of touch” are abundant. “Grandma sent me another email with 100% of the text in the subject line again.” “Oops, mom posted a private message on her Facebook wall!” “No, Uncle Joe, you SWIPE THE SCREEN. SWIPE! SWIPE IT, UNCLE JOE.” “Ugh, you didn’t delete the computer, it’s just a screensaver.” Hahah. I could go on and on with these things that are, honestly, at this point mostly outdated. (Who is the out of touch one now?!) But do rest assured that at some point — some point that is racing towards you at a speed much faster than the speed you are currently imagining — you will be the one laughed at by the next generation of iYouths. “I saw Aunt Kelly trying to USB the iLock on her external opti-Shoes this morning. Ha-ha-ha! She would lose her brain chip if it weren’t surgically implanted!” “NO MOM KELLY, YOU THINK. YOU JUST THINK ABOUT IT. ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT IT?” So remember that when you are laughing at those who fail to all-the-way grasp how to interact with our increasingly ridiculous advances in technology. Remember it when you are laughing at this newscaster.

HahahahaHAAAAAAAA. This is very funny, though. All of it is very good. (Via ClipNation.)