Cameron Diaz Represents All Women

In a recent interview with the Sunday Times (via Dlisted), Cameron Diaz FINALLY broke her legendary silence about the objectification of women:

“I think every woman does want to be objectified. There’s a little part of you at all times that hopes to be somewhat objectified, and I think it’s healthy,” the actress tells the paper.

“[Photo shoots are] empowering. I’m not some young girl with the photographer going, ‘Will you take your clothes off?’ I’m like [mimes stripping], ‘How does this look?’ They’re like, ‘Today we’re not going to put anything other than bras and heels on you,’ and I’m like, ‘These heels are not high enough.’”

Oh brother. I am pretty sure that what Cameron Diaz means is that every woman wants to feel pretty. Which, even then, I bet there are some who don’t, or whatever, because there is something of everything, but let’s just assume that is a true fact. That is still different from the dehumanzing act of seeing women as “sex holes” or what have you. Not to mention the weird inverse connotations that her quote implies. It’s kind of like saying 40% of women have rape fantasies and therefore 40% of rape is good. The best part, though is that she not only generalizes the desire for objectification for all women, but she includes that they want it “AT ALL TIMES.” Haha. Hey sexy ladiiiiiiiiies! Cameron Diaz then goes on to explain how she is very confident and comfortable in her body, which I’m sure she takes to mean that all women feel confident and comfortable in their bodies. At all times. No one’s heels are ever high enough, right? Our Camerons, Ourselves. She just gets it. Congrats to all the women on your spokesperson. Enjoy her.