Your Celebrity Thanksgiving Dream Dinner

Today marks the first day in 2012’s Thanksgiving Work Week, one of the most wonderful Work Weeks of the year, and what better way to celebrate it than with a nonsense Thanksgiving-themed post on a pop culture blog? I cannot think of one better way! I am trying! I am really trying and I can’t! Many of you are probably travelling to all sorts of places this week to be with family, or staying in whatever place you’re in and having a “friendsgiving” which you will document endlessly on social media, or getting a Gobbler from Wawa and watching TV you need to catch up on, but what if you could do what you actually wanted to for a change? You know what I’m talking about! #EATINGDINNER #WITHCELEBZ What if you could gather up a bunch of celebrities you’ve never met, transport them away from their families, and force them to eat a Thanksgiving meal with only you and each other? Which ones would you pick for this perfect dream?!

Ryan Gosling: Can you pass any of the food?
You: Not until you say it.
Ryan Gosling: Please, can you just be reasonable? I’m not leaving — you have made that very clear — but I am very, very hungry. We’ve been sitting here all day.
You: We’ll eat when you say it.
Ryan Gosling: Ugh, fine. Will you marry me?

Plz leave your perfect Thanksgivings in the comments and feel free to play this delightful game at any Thanksgiving dinner you may attend. “Grandma, literally no one cares about Devon Sawa anymore.” “But I love all the Final Destinations!”