Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Looking good, Jared Leto! -Dlisted
  • The Weinstein Company has acquired the Michael Gates Gill memoir How Starbucks Saved My Life, which had previously been acquired by Universal, in which case Gus Van Sant would have directed and for Tom Hanks would have starred. So. NOW who should play the Starbucks? -PopCultureBrain
  • A collection of quotes from David Edelstein about Keira Knightley’s jaw. -TheAwl
  • Want to know who the People’s Choice Award nominees are for 2013? No? You couldn’t care less? Well that’s just TOO BAD! Get this info in your brain! Push other stuff out of the way and get this in there! -EW
  • Guess what Vanessa Hudgens said “I never want to do it again” about. Please try to guess! The answer is good, but you have to guess first. -Celebitchy
  • I just casually threw out the idea of seeing the new Twilight movie tonight to a friend. Will not report back on what he says because I’m POSITIVE it will be, “of course.” ‘Til we all get to our screenings tonight, why not enjoy a list of five shameless attempts at making the next Twilight? -TheWeek
  • Oh good, Universal is still chipping away at that Asteroids movie. -SlashFilm
  • Oh, speaking of, have we talked about how the Twins sequel, Triplets, has writers now? Because it does! Lots of good things coming up, guys! -FilmDrunk