Wait, Does This Book Club TV Show Sound Good Or Bad?

So obviously what we’re looking at here, on the surface, sounds pretty bad or at least not for us: A show on the CW about a young girl in New York who has a book club with her mom and grandmother. I’m already asleep even though I am not actually asleep at all and am at work, completely awake. But, uh, hold on a sec — just stay with me for one sec here — is it going to be bad? From The Hollywood Reporter:

The CW is opening up a new chapter in its development. [Ed Note: Nice.]

The network has given script orders to Book Club, a drama about a young New Yorker who starts a book club with her mother, grandmother and friends.

Based on the documentary from Hope Hartman, the drama centers on Emma, a 23-year-old New Yorker who forms a club with her three unique friends, her career-oriented mother and her eccentric grandmother. The project would follow their adventures, loves, losses and careers as seen through the “book of the week,” which serves as a thematic mirror reflective of their lives.

“Sometimes I feel like my whole LIFE is a note from underground!” Hahaha. “It’s like, who am I dating here? Ignatius J. Reilly?!” For some reason, though, I cannot help but feel like this TV show has the potential to be somewhat good. We all love books! And we all love TV! And we all love the trials and tribulations of an early 20-somethings girl living in NYC! (Right?) But. IS IT? Is it going to be good or bad? Please vote in our poll and let’s put this out of our minds once and for all.

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“Thank you for your vote.” – A talking book.